My mom convinced me to become a writer and a journalist.

But only after I threatened to drop out of college while riding a chairlift at a ski resort. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a railroad engineer. Then I wanted to play centerfield for the Cubs or right wing for the Blackhawks. Then I wanted to run in the Olympics. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up, but I enjoy seeking adventures and telling stories on my way to find out. I have written for Men's Journal, Runner's World, Outside, Lonely Planet, Ski, National Geographic Adventure, Competitor, The Red Bulletin, The Colorado Sun,, Trail Runner, Triathlete and 5280. To date, I have authored/co-authored five books: "Trail Running Illustrated: The Art of Running Free (Helvitiq/The Mounatineers, 2021), "Kicksology: The Hype, Science, Culture and Cool of Running Shoes" (VeloPress, 2019), "Run Like a Champion" (VeloPress, 2015), Natural Running (VeloPress, 2010) and "Running Colorado's Front Range" (Mountain Sports Press, 2003) and ghost-written edited and contributed to several more.

Books, Videos, Clips & Content

Here are some recent examples of my writing, video and publishing work.


"Trail Running Illustrated: The Art of Running Free" (Helvetiq/The Mountaineers, Oct 2021)

"Kicksology: The Hype, Science, Culture & Cool of Running Shoes" (VeloPress, Oct 2019)

"Epic Runs of the World" (contributing writer) (Lonely Planet, 2019)

"Fast-Track Triathlete" by Matt Dixon (co-editor) (VeloPress, Oct 2017)

"Run Like a Champion" by Alan Culpepper with Brian Metzler (Velo Press, April 2015)


"Natural Running" by Danny Abshire with Brian Metzler (VeloPress, Oct 2010)


"Running Colorado's Front Range" (Mountain Sports Press, Oct 2003)

LEOMO TYPE-S: Next Generation Sports Device (April 2020)

Dave Mackey is on the Move Again (, January 2018)

Get Your Jackass Over the Pass (, July 2017)


Beer and Running: Colorado's Shoes & Brews (Competitor, November 2014)

Competitor Magazine Cover Shoot with Kara Goucher (Competitor, July 2014)

Competitor Magazine Cover Shoot with Meb Keflezighi (Competitor, May 2014)


Boston Strong (Competitor, April 2014)

A City of Runners (Competitor, April 2014)

The Kenya Project with Desiree Linden (Competitor, March 2014)



How Alexandr Sorokin Ran 100 Miles at 6:31 Pace (Outside, January 2022)

Gear That Made Modern Triathlon (Triathlete, January 2022)

Sara Hall's 7 Keys to Longevity (Women's Running, January 2022)

The Simple Shift That Made Molly Seidel a Marathoner (Podium Runner, November 2021)

The Marathon Doesn't Care If You Did An Ironman (Triathlete, November 2021)

How Chris Fisher Logged 400,00 Feet of Vert in October (Trail Runner, November 2021)

Check Out this Gnarly Trail Race Series (Trail Runner, September 2021)

The Awkward Thrill of Running Up Ski Slopes (Trail Runner, October 2021)

Bringing the Kenyan Culture of Harambee to the Rockies (Podium Runner, July 2021)

How Fast Can the Fastest Pros Run in Ironman? (Triathlete, July 2021)

The Sacred Art of Stoking New Running Dreams (Podium Runner, July 2021)

Trail Stoke: Wild Jackalopes Redux (Trail Runner, July 2021)

The Scene in Eugene: New Hayward Field Shines (Podium Runner, June 2021)

Trail Runner Completes 5 Roundtrip Crossings of the Grand Canyon (, June 2021)

How Tommy Rivs Inspired Trail Runners from His Deathbed (Trail Runner, May 2021)

New Global Trail Running Series Announced (, May 2021)

Treasure Hunter Convicted for Digging in Yellowstone National Park (, April 2021)

Amputee David Mackey Completes Grand Canyon R2R2R Run (, March 2021)

The Best Multitools for Camping (Adventure, Feb. 2021)

'Pineapple Powder' Falls on the Mountains of Hawaii (, Feb. 2021)

Want to Camp in a Rented Igloo? (, Feb. 2021)

Full Steam Ahead on the Great Redwood Trail (, Feb. 2021)

Trail Stoke: I Don't Miss Racing, I Miss You (Trail Runner, Jan. 2021)

Building a Shoe Brand from Scratch (Podium Runner, Nov. 2020)

Trail Stoke: Trail Running is Our Therapy (Trail Runner, Nov. 2020)

Rage On! Tommy Rivers Puzey is Improving, But Still Battling Cancer (Trail Runner, Oct 2020)

Trail Stoke: The Subtle Joy Of Getting Your Butt Kicked On A Morning Run (Trail Runner, Sept 2020)

Super Shoe Review (Podium Runner, Aug. 2020) 

Trail Stoke: Can You Please Get Your #%@&-ing Dog Under Control?! (Trail Runner, June 2020)

Best Trail Running Shoes for Summer (Men's Journal, June 2020)

A Guide to Running Colorado's 14ers (Trail Runner, May 2020)

Comeback Kid Jake Riley (Outside/Podium Runner, February 2020)

Unbreakable Spirit: Hillary Allen Rebounds from a Near-Death Experience Only to Endure Another Setback and More Darkness (Trail Runner, Dec 2019)

Banning Kipchoge's Shoes is the Dumbest Take in Running Right Now
(Runner's, Oct. 2019)

Are You Running in the Right Shoes on Race Day? (Podium Runner, Oct. 2019)

Joe Gray Wants To Tackle Distance Runner's Diversity Problem (Runner's World, Sept. 2019)

Chasing Boulder's Ghost Railroad (, Sept. 2019)

Few Tame Ultras Better: Courtney Dauwalter Wins UTMB (Runner's World, Aug. 2019)

Tollefson, Dauwalter Lead Strong Pack of Americans at UTMB (Runner's World, Aug. 2019)

Open Water Swim Vacations: 4 Destinations to Dream About (Triathlete, Aug. 2019)

Neptune Mountaineering hit rock bottom, but new owners revived it (Colorado Sun, July 2019)

Remember the trail runner who strangled the mountain lion? (Colorado Sun, July 2019)


Jim Walmsley's 50-Mile World Best (Runner's World, May 2019)

The Trail Runner Who Killed a Mountain Lion (Runner's World, Feb 2019)

Will Keflezighi Come Out of Retirement to run in 2020? (Runner's World, Oct. 2018) 

Swim, Bike, Run and Live Each Trip to the Fullest (Triathlete, Sept. 2018)

Is Chip-Embedded Triathlon Gear the Future (Triathlete, Oct. 2018)

The World's Most Amazing Race (Trail Runner, Sept. 2018)

Go Hard 101 with Eric Byrnes (Wedu Journal, Aug. 2018)

Eric Byrnes Epic Summer of Triathlon (Triathlete, Aug. 2018)

Father of the Fastest Known Time (Trail Runner, July 2018)

Shades of Gray (Trail Runner, July 2017)

Running the Wicklow Way (, July 2017)

Yes, You are a Runner! (Competitor, June 2016)

Don't Call it a Comeback: Kara Goucher Has Her Eyes on the Prize (Competitor, February 2016)

Cuba LIbre! (Competitor, May 2016)

Old-School Sneakers (Competitor, April 2016)

A Runner's Guide to Conquering the Grand Canyon (Competitor, April 2016)

King of Pain: Marathon Legend Steve Jones (Competitor, Oct. 2015)

How New Balance Developed a Shoe for Sebastian Kienle (Triathlete, Oct. 2015)

Chamonix: The Culture of Hardcore Trail Running (Competitor, Feb. 2015)

The Mending of Dave Mackey (Trail Runner, Aug. 2015)

Boston Strong (Competitor, April 2014)

Running Still Matters (, April 2013)

Farewell, Caballo Blanco (Trail Runner, June 2012)

Jenny Simpson: Golden Girl (Running Times, January 2012)

Haulin' Ass (Runner's World, May 2011)

Matt Carpenter: King of the Mountain (Running Times, August 2011)

Handcrafted Skis Long on Performance (The Denver Post, Nov. 2010)

A Blast from the Past (Rocky Mountain News, June 2007)

Dog Comes to Racer's Rescue (, Dec. 2006)

Whistler Fueling Progression of Mountain Biking (The Denver Post, June 2006)